“Avez vous remarqué que journaliste commence par la même lettre que justicier?”   “Alphaville,” Jean-Luc Godard

The letter J? Number 769?

The setting: On the lawn of the Hotel Les Ateliers de l’Image in St. Remy Provence during the sumptuous vernissage for the exhibition of Jessica Lange’s photographs.

The director: Antoine Moreau produces small pieces of mobile art, mobile mind you in the sense that he confides small sculpted numbered pieces to random individuals who then pass along these pieces to others.

The narrative thread: Each new ‘temporary’ owner informs M. Moreau by email of the date of transfer and of the new location of the sculpture so that he is able to track the journey of each piece. These small art works belong to no one and are in perpetual movement. M Moreau gave the letter J number 769 to PVB, 769 denoting his 769th creation.

The progression: PVB is passing along J 769 to an artist in Carmel CA who creates mobiles, having been influenced in his youth by a neighbor in Saché in the Loire Valley: Alexander Calder.

PVB will report on the itinerary of J 769, pending cooperation of its future transitory



J 769 recipient:

Antoine Moreau website:

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