Saint Didier: Awesome New Flavors at Silvain frères, Gnarly Nougat Heaven – Take Home the True Flavors of Provence


Shes as sweet as tupelo honey
Shes an angel of the first degree
Shes as sweet as tupelo honey
Just like honey from the bee

– Van Morrison –

Spend some time tasting samples in the shiny boutique of Silvain frères and you will develop the jones for nougat, the authentic Provencal kind mind you, assuring yourself that in your search for the very best nougat in Provence you have reached the highest peak for consistency in texture, flavor and pure artistry.

Not a second more wasted glancing at nougat bars on tourist shop counters or in supermarket isles. At Silvain frères, you are in gnarly nougat heaven.

The frères have introduced this saison three new exquisite nougats (pictured above) offering a melange of flavors ‘en bouche’: fig, abricot and pistachio; red fruits, and pistachio, saffron and cranberry.

It’s the almonds – the essential ingredient in making high-quality nougat. Silvain frères puts a heaving 40% into their Nougat Blanc (photo below)along with 25% honey heated in a copper kettle until white. The tender Nougat Blanc, which is wildly popular with visitors, leaves no sweet aftertaste.

Nougat Noir (photo below), the traditional Provencal nougat served at holiday time among 13 desserts, is caramelized, flambéed in cognac with orange flavorings. Hard or crunchy. As slicing the hard bars is tricky, pick up the wrapped pre-cut Noir pieces.


Children go for the nougalettes, small pieces of caramelized honey and crushed almonds with notes of vanilla and rhum. For high tea, grab their pain d’épices.

This is homegrown homemade stuff: the brothers Pierre and Philippe are almond growers and beekeepers as well as nougat artisans.

By the way, the tightly-sealed nougat makes for swell gifts or souvenirs to take home as it keeps its freshness for a year.

You may remark that the color of Nougat blanc bears resemblance to the distressed white limestone crest of the iconic Mont Ventoux. Memories in a mouthful.


Silvain frères is located in Saint Didier on the Route to Venasque, a three-minute walk from the center of the village. Open daily. Guided tours on Wed. at 10:15 a.m. Tél. 04 90 66 09 57, Email:, Website

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