Ménerbes: One-Spot One-Work Art Space; Pocket Gallery as Window Shopping


The single work of Japanese artist Irioka at the art space un lieu une oeuvre

Recall the cinematic technique of Michelangelo Antonioni where he would frequently compose his shots by shooting through windows or doors, which would focus the audience’s attention on the people or objects beyond the frames. This concept asserts itself when viewing an installation viewed through a window on a quiet street in the center of Ménerbes at an art space un lieu une oeuvre.

Created by Mireille Cartet, an enthusiastic promoter of all things art, the pocket gallery – a rectangular receptacle – receives every month to six weeks the work of an artist whose charge is to create an installation that achieves a harmony with the space and a dialogue with passers-by.

Currently, the Japanese artist Irioka, who divides his time between Avignon and Cologne, has installed a black and white painting of ink on paper, which he created in a public performance on July 3 on the place de la mairie in Ménerbes. On the floor in the left front corner of the room, a TV set plays a video of Irioka’s performance.

Note: PVB will update this post when a new installation arrives next month.



un lieu une oeuvre gallery, rue Kléber Guendon, Ménerbes, Tel. 04 90 72 44 43, Email: mireillekat@wanadoo.fr

Directions: Enter the village on rue de la Fontaine from Highway D3, then direction Avenue Marcellin Poncet, take a right just before coming upon two restaurants down a slope on rue Kléber Guendon (photo).

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