Ménerbes: Graceful Confluence of Art and Nature – 20 Sculptures by 12 Artists – at Les Vignes Until August 28


Protéger l’Art by Matthieu Faury

Among a few hundred olive trees and groves of oaks on a tranquil Luberon estate, two forward-thinking art galleries have assembled twenty works of sculptures by a dozen artists.

The exhibition – Monumental Confrontations – runs from July 13th until August 28th at Les Vignes, located on a road which runs from Menerbes to Lacoste.


On the pedestal, a piece by Etienne Viard, and a Moving Sculpture (r.) by Francis Weil

Open at no charge to the public six days a week, the showing is under the direction of the Galerie Pascal Lainé in Ménerbes, and the Galerie Linz in Paris.

At first sight, what grasps your admiration is the manner in which the works have been distributed on the park-like estate, granting each one its own proper setting, framed by olives or oaks, or floating in open space.

The artists are: Béatrice Arthuis-Bertrand, Axel Cassel, Alain Clément, Anne Delfieu, Matthieu Faury, Jean Leyris, Paul de Pignol, Robert Schad, Jacques Salles, Gabriel Sobin, Etienne Viad, and Francois Weil.


Spiral Sculpture of Béatrice Arthuis-Bertrand

On Saturday evening the smart set of the Luberon, in their dependable unflashy habit and armed with quick wits, gathered for a vernissage. The riveting conversation was fueled with wines from the Domaine de la Citadelle and tasty amuse-bouches.


Installation by Anne Delfieu

A certain bred of New Yorker wandered into the event – those who labor to identify where they live by mouthing their neighborhood in Manhattan, a curious assignation given the unfamiliarity of the French with the quartiers of NYC. They are already experiencing Provence in the “past tense” – as an acquisition of memory – so that back among their tribe in the city they can anxiously pump up their status by speaking of those languid summer days in Provence, and of that marvelous art opening in Ménerbes under a gentle warm blue sky, where they sipped their apéros – bereft of any curiosity of their extant surroundings.



“Monumental Confrontations – Sculptures”: 20 Works by 12 Artists in Open Air, Courtyard and Interior, July 13 – August 28. Admission Free.

Les Vignes, route de Lacoste, Ménerbes, Tel 04 90 72 42 02, Tuesday – Sunday, 3:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Directions: On D109 from Ménerbes to Lacoste, Entrance on north side of the road. Watch for signage.

Photo: Sculpture by Gabriel Sobin, the son of the esteemed American poet and writer Gustaf Sobin (d. 2005), who lived for more than forty years in the Luberon village Goult, and whose exquisite mesmerizing novel The Fly-Truffler is a must read prior to a sejour in Provence.

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