L’Omelette aux Truffes: A Simple Recipe


“Held to a time-honored Provençal tradition, he had to remain patient for three full days while the truffles, sealed in a glass jar with three or six or nine fresh eggs, infused those very eggs with its delectable aroma. Respecting this trinity in its own pastoral moment, this tradition was still scrupulously observed in most households throughout the region.”

 The Fly-Truffler by Gustaf Sobin

Removed from the jar, the truffles are grated into a bowl of the beaten eggs already infused with the aroma of the truffle:


The truffles are never fully cooked. Prepare with butter. Do not cook in olive oil or add pepper, as both ingredients will reduce the aroma of the Truffle.


Add a pinch of salt, and serve with a baguette:


 Bon Appétit.

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