Lacoste: The Light Palace in Venice, ‘Une Grande Passion’ of Pierre Cardin, Is Officially Canceled


“Among the many strange things that have befallen Venice, she has had the good fortune to become the object of a passion to a man of splendid genius, who has made her his own, and in doing so has made her the world’s.” Henry James


Henry James wrote this tribute to John Ruskin, the author of Stones of Venice. The passage is also an apt expression of the desire of Pierre Cardin for whom Venice, his birthplace, is an “object of passion” and whose proposed Light Palace was a gift to Venice and the world.

On Thursday, 27 June 2013, the CEO of Concept Creatif Pierre Cardin, Rodrigo Basilicati, the nephew of Pierre Cardin, announced that the Light Palace project in Venice has been terminated. Concept Creatif Pierre Cardin is the management company of the project.

For details, please read the diligent coverage of Venice development mazen Dominic Standish, a denizen of Venice, here. PVB’s perspective posted last September is here.

In Lacoste where he is preparing for the 13th edition of the Lacoste festival, Mr Cardin is rumored to be bidding on more houses along the rue Basse, deals that are cutable – as they say in Hollywood – as opposed to the Light Palace in Venice or a golf course in neighboring Bonnieux.

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