Gordes Wine Fair: Bio Ventoux Winemakers Create Art’n’Bio To Raise Funds To Preserve the Biosphere; Bids Open Until Sept 12


Yves Morard of the Clos de Patris Showing His Barrel Conceived by Painter Marie-Pierre Chevalier at Gordes Wine Fair

Among the winemakers at the Gordes Wine Fair on Sunday, members of Bio Ventoux promoted their charity initiative for the season, called Art’n’Bio, with profits being donated to help promote biodiversity and protect the biosphere.

Twelve winemakers of Bio Ventoux entrusted twelve artists with a wine barrel with the charge to transform the curved form into a work of art. The result is a melange of styles – from the abstract to realism – and a range of materials and influences. The artists are: Marie Chevalier, Daniel Coste, Patrice Villard, Christophe Varin, Jules Cotte, Alex’n Neple, Patricia Michon, Nathalie Rollot, Muriel Froissard, Myrtille Debievre, Gérald Gruhn, and Juliette Mendez. More details on each artist is available on the Association Bio Ventoux website below.

Until Sept. 12, the barrels are displayed at the wine cellars or on the property of the winemakers (see addresses below or consult the website of Bio Ventoux).

Interested buyers can place on a bid, or successive bids, on each barrel, with the highest bidders taking possession of their respective barrels on Sept. 13.


The members of Bio Ventoux are certified as producers of “vin biologique,” adhering to the practices of organic viticulture: the cultivation method that uses no environmentally harmful chemicals or pesticides with fertilizers replaced by compost, plant organic matter, which helps promote soil life.

The Kokopelli Assocation is devoted to protecting the biosphere, food biodiversity, and the return to the use of any type of seed (ancient or modern varieties) and humus soils as well as using liquid manure, and other natural ingredients.



Association Kokopelli: Website

Association BioVentoux: Website

Clos de Patris: 251, Route de Beaumes de Venise 84330 Caromb, tel: 04 90 62 58 16, Website

Photo: The gear / logos of the University of Oregon Ducks seem to pop up everywhere around the world, even at the Gordes Wine Fair where Stephen, a soph who works part time in the athletic department, was showing off the Ducks wings. The New York Times reported on the university’s new Football Performance Center.

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