Coustellet: The Galerie 22 is a Sweet Spot for Contemporary Art; Exhibit of Gottfrield Salzmann and Nicole Bottet Runs to Oct 13



Smooth white walls in an L-shape form two rooms with natural light flowing into the space from both ends; the Galerie 22 in Coustellet offers a bevy of artistic talent in painting, sculpture, photography and ceramics. The place is infused with refined self-assurance.

Next to a sculpture garden behind the main show space, the Galerie 22 has opened another square-shaped viewing room.

At its vernissages as the one held on Saturday, Sept. 14 for painters Nicole Bottet and Gottfrield Salzmann, the amuse bouches are ample and tasty, and the crowd is art savvy and animated.

Gottfrield Salzmann is an Austrian painter who has been working in France between Paris and Vence since 1965. At this show, he displays colorful cityscapes employing a mixed technique of acrylic and photos, or photos glued on canvas. (Paris displayed above)



The French painter Nicole Bottet studied at l’école Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Paris, where she maintains a studio in the Marais. Her intricate and intense compositions are of oil on paper, along with two seven-feet Irises of oil on wood.





The exhibit of Gottsfrield Salzmann and Nicole Bottet Runs to Oct 13. If you would like to receive notices of upcoming exhibits and vernissages, email the Gallery 22 at




Galerie 22, ​267 route de Gordes, Coustellet (across from the Musée de la Lavande), Cabrières d’Avignon

Tél.  04 90 71 85 06, Website

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and 3:00 p.m. to 700 p.m.

Exhibit of Gottsfrield Salzmann and Nicole Bottet Runs to Oct 13.

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