An Ambrosial Amuse-Bouche: Black Olive Confit and Sheep Cheese on Lightly-Toasted Thin-Slices of Whole Wheat Baguette


Flummoxed are you by how to break away from serving predictable boring amuse-bouches (chips, nuts, saucisson or pizza slices)?  A brilliant solution: get hold of an electric slicer (une trancheuse) – the one that fashioned this recipe calling for thin slices of sheep cheese and bread is a Krups model at 89 euros.

Plop a small spoonful of plump black olive jam, which blends sweetness with saltiness (sucré – salé) on lightly-toasted thin slices of whole wheat baguette, and top with razor-like slices of sheep cheese from 100% pure ewe’s milk, (fromages au lait de brebis) from the Basque region.

The brown buttery and caramel aromas of the semi-soft creamy cheese – a sweetness with a hint of saltiness – with a nutty finish marries fantastically with the tangy black olive jam.

For this particular plating, the sheep cheese is Istara® P’tit Basque, and the Confit d’Olives Noires comes from Nos Saveurs Provençal, available at the Sunday market at L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue.


Keep your rosé in the frig, and go with a white wine – a viognier, roussane, and sauvignon blanc – or a slightly-chilled Beaujolais or AOC Ventoux red.

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