Jean-Charles Gil and Dancers Take Their Bows

On Wednesday evening the Lacoste Festival stage was animated by the dance troupe of the Ballet d’Europe under the direction of choreographer Jean-Charles Gil and their emotional performance of “Shubert in Love.”

Pierre Cardin, un mécène engagé

Pierre Cardin, who founded the Lacoste Festival nine years ago, was in fine form sporting the comme il faut footwear of the season — sneakers — although he preferred laces to the laceless sneakers worn by Michel Leeb (see PVB blog on Michel Loeb exhibit ).

The Quarry prior to the performance

Dancers in "Shubert in Love"

The Musicians were as Sublime as the Dancers

A post-performance drinks party accompanied by riveting conversation concluded the evening.

Post Dance Drinks Party


The Lacoste Festival concludes Friday evening, August 6, with a performance by the Italian singer Emma Re.

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Ballet d’Europe:

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